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My name is Rod Desch and I am a certified life coach who is passionate about living a life full of quality rather than quantity.  I grew up in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, and currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA.   My Podcast journey began after I began working with a life coach, who made me realize that the normal 9 to 5 corporate job offered nothing to my soul.  As a result, I began to place energy in the things I am more passionate about, and travel and culture is one of them.  

I feel that travel is a gateway to learning not only more about the world we live in, but more about yourself.   Travel can change your life and offer you a form of therapy that you weren't expecting.  

We all have choices every day.  And very often we choose to live life in a perceived comfort zone, because it is what we know. 

I've spent 20+ years in the Group Insurance industry, focusing on the Account Management, service and sales of employer groups of all sizes.  I also manage short and long-term rental properties in Pittsburgh, PA and Vieques, Puerto Rico.  Check out the link to my AirBnb on this page if a vacation to the less traveled parts of Puerto Rico is something on your bucket list.  

I want to use my personal and professional experiences to make a positive difference in your world.  Life is too short to live someone else's life, placing a focus on using your intuition to achieve what is calling you. 

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My Mission

I'm committed to take you on a journey that allows you to discover for yourself what has been holding you back.   I'll drive the bus but, you have to take the steps out the door into the school yard. 


Many people are trying to provide a solution to the "stuck" feeling without appropriately identifying what factors or habits are causing them to feel that way.   I want to show you that it is ONLY a perception and that you are capable of positive change that allows you to live your best life through learning to EXPECT change, not run from it.    

I also have a desire to improve others lives through networking... We are all better together and shared experiences from one or many may provide the opportunity to elevate the life of someone else.   It is a profound aspiration of mine to improve the lives of others through the privilege of world travel.  There is no doubt in my mind that immersion into the culture, food and habits of another place can make you appreciate your own, or drive you towards a better life.  

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