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Coaching with Rod Desch begins with a initial discovery session that allows us to get to know more about each other.  There's a chance we may not be a fit, and our first meeting will allow us to identify if both of us want to move forward. 


Personal Goals 


Travel Plan Consultation

  • What does a LIfe Coach do?
    Working with a Life Coach isn't therapy. A Coach helps you by supporting you to stay on track at achieving the goals you set for yourself. Being accountable for your desires by investing in a Coach is a proven method of driving the change you desire.
  • How do I know if a coach is qualified?
    Unfortunately at this moment in time--there is no ONE governing body to regulate the coaching field- (unlike therapists/psychologists who are regulated under the APA-American Psychological Association). Do your due dilligence. If you coach has ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredidation or a specific degree you can feel confident your coach has a solid foundation to create a coaching space condusive to your needs. **Rod Desch holds a Certification in Life Coaching from the Academy of Modern Applied Psycology. He is also a licensed Insurance Producer in the state of Pennsylvania and holds an Associate Degree in Business Communication Systems Management.
  • Does it work?
    Having someone that can keep you accountable for your goals is a proven method. Most people are now accustomed to online communication and Rod's coaching methods will provide you with a safe, trusting environment to acheive the goals that you've set together.
  • Am I ready for a Coach?
    A coach doesn't do it for you. You must be ready for change and be willing to put in the work to achieve your goals. This sometimes means homework and tough conversations. Most people who reach out for assistance are stuck in practices that have not offered them desired results... Being open and willing to change is the most important foundation to working with a coach.
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